Sunday, August 25, 2013


Sometimes I wonder at odd dreams.  Like this one.  So I write them down and figure they may sort out later.  As I write this I think communion wafers are rather like matzoh.  I wonder what it would mean to be the last reminder of Christ in the world, not the first in line. Dream connections are often tricky.  I write them down so I might remember.

I dreamed last night
My surname was changed
To Afikomen.
In my dream it seemed to mean
My last name began
With the letter ‘A’
So I was first
When we lined up
In alphabetical order.
This morning I looked it up
And remembered again
The afikomen is the hidden matzoh
At Passover.
It is always found and eaten
Last night I dreamed the Passover.
I was the afikomen.
Kosher yes
But last in line.

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