Thursday, August 15, 2013


With the Icons in Transformation exhibit at church last month, I have been thinking back to this conversation years ago, held after egg salad sandwiches and iced tea.  I was able to inquire recently about the piece, only to find out it was never completed.  

She unveiled the icon
After lunch,
Asked me what I thought.
Mary and baby Jesus,
Prairie grasses
All around.
Baby Jesus looked
Like the former rector,
The one I had replaced.
What do you think?
She asked.
I told her
I like Mary
I like the prairie setting
Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus looks like…

She said
You*re right.
I think it*s the cheeks.
I*ll have to work
On the face.
This was years ago.
At a recent party she told me
The icon
Was never completed.

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