Saturday, August 31, 2013

Garlic soup

Today was a day with other plans.  Then I woke up to thunder and no electricity.  My computer had five minutes left of power in its battery.  I sneaked a yogurt out of the refrigerator.  The back yard was still.  So was I.  I contemplated garlic soup.  I am still contemplating garlic soup and the power has been on for four hours now.

This week brought
Tomatoes red and yellow,
A stapled brown bag
Of garlic.
I contemplate
Garlic soup.
Today is a day
For contemplation.
Once I assemble
The necessary ingredients
Tomorrow may bring
Meanwhile a Cooper’s hawk
Stations himself
In the crab apple.
A squirrel sits frozen
On the fence.
A rabbit crouches motionless
Under a bush.
Today is a day
To be still.
Tomorrow may be different.

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