Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One fact

I grew up privileged.  I live... privileged.  I know this.  Still... I get stuck on trying to convince someone of that One Fact I Know is Right... I do this sometimes.  OK, maybe I do this Too Often. I do this and perhaps I convince someone of something, or perhaps they stop listening, or name me something that cannot be written in this space.  In fact, I did it this morning on a listserve... trying to convince someone of a Very Important Fact... which I shall not name here... because, even though she is not a judge, and I have custody of my children, and I am privileged... there are other things which call for my time.  This is called... letting go.  It seems a lifelong lesson I need to learn.

I know someone
Not so very long ago
Who lost custody
Even visitation
Of her daughter
In part
Because she tried to convince a judge
He was wrong.

She was right.
The judge was wrong.

She chose one fact,
Worried it to death
Like a dog
With a bone,
Like our cat
Fixated on the feather toy
He cannot forget,
Even though we put the toy away
In the closet
Months ago.

She chose one fact,
Worried it to death.

Her daughter turned 18
This year.
I imagine the two of them
Together now
Making up for three years
Of lost time.

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