Monday, August 19, 2013


This is for missionaries everywhere, whatever their mission.  For Rebecca, Debbie, and Patience, my missionary classmates.  For Kathleen, who made it her mission to help me write that personal ad.  For Scott, who encouraged my beloved to answer my ad.  For my beloved, Jeff, who took the chance.

Today is for reframing
My professional life.
I remember three classmates:
Missionaries to
I think I will be a missionary
To Glen Ellyn.

I remember the personal ad
I ran years ago.
I named myself
A community and family-oriented professional
Who enjoys ethnic food,
Instead of Episcopal priest,
Single mother with young child.
The newspaper made a mistake.
It said I liked ethnic good.
My beloved says if his friend
Hadn*t convinced him
It might be a typing mistake,
We never would have met.
I am grateful
To the friend,
Now a kind of missionary
In Norway.

Today is for reframing
After all
It has been reframed
Many times before.

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