Saturday, August 3, 2013

Change in rules

I don*t remember when I last slept in so late.  My daughter and her friend have now gone back to the weekend Concert of the Year.  It*s me and the cat (and turtle) again.  And coffee.  I wonder whether the caffeine rule needs to changed to No coffee after 2:00 PM.  I watch the sparrows take a dust bath in the planter out front.  I may go to IKEA later today.  Then again... maybe tomorrow.

There is little
Like a house of women
The cat goes from room to room
All morning
Meows at each door.
There is little
Like a quiet house
On a Saturday
Now after noon.
The other women have left
To take the train
To the City.
I am home in the cool
With the cat.
I break the rule
No caffeine after noon
Because I did not arise
Until 11:45.
The rule today
No coffee after 1:00.
No coffee after 2:00.
It is rare:
A house of women
It begs a change
In rules.

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