Friday, August 2, 2013

If only

OK.  I*m a mite petulant this morning.  Because I claim almost thirty years in the priesthood, and because I took a break from parish ministry, got a counseling degree and then some, and because (I know this is a run-on sentence), and because for some reason God has seen fit to place me on the edges of things, because... because... if only... but it*s not.  Whatever it is.  This is NOT good writing, and I am going to leave it anyway.  So there.  

Today I am cleaning the guest bedroom.  I never know who will arrive at the door tomorrow.

The article
In today*s newspaper 
Offered this catchy title:
Why Women Quit.
It spoke of corporations
And middle management.
Because this was a newspaper article,
It offered the problem,
And hope
In less than half a page.
If only
It said
If only.
I know
**If only**
She is a house guest.
She has overstayed
Her welcome.

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