Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It*s been awhile since I have served as a reference for someone.  Now that I am not in a job search of my own, it seems fitting somehow that I should be called as a reference for someone else.  This is not a small job.  Even as I say this I realize I believe there are no small jobs.  Even as I say this, my job this morning is to answer the phone between 10 and noon and speak the truth as I know it. Then my job will be to pray for all involved.  For All Involved.  

Today I will answer the phone
Between 10 and noon,
Have a conversation
With a man I do not know
About someone I do know.
The conversation
Matters a lot
To both men
and more.
It matters
A lot.
I am simply one person.
There will be many involved
In final conversations
And decisions.
I am simply
One person
Who will answer the phone
Between 10 and noon
I will speak the truth
As I know it.
I will watch and listen and pray
As the conversation ripples out
Beyond me
After noon today.

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