Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mountain ash

I don*t really believe in folklore, unless it comes true.  The Farmers* Almanac is a good source for this.  The mountain ash is particularly fruitful this year.  In other parts of the world it is known as a rowan.  Branches are used by farmers to drive herds into the fields first thing in the spring as a protection.  Who*s to say it doesn*t protect them?  I have yet to see a woolly bear caterpillar this year.  I have no idea what they have to say about the coming winter.

The mountain ash
Is filled with orange berries
This year.
Weather journals say
This predicts a hard winter,
Like thicker stripes
On the woolly bear caterpillar.
Who*s to say
What more means here.
Who*s to say
What wider stripes mean
With no caterpillar to compare
From last year?
The mountain ash is filled
With orange berries.
Some say it is a magical tree.
It stands at full height
Next to the patio,
Filled with orange berries,
Ready to feed songbirds
Before their long trip
Some say it is a magical tree.
Who*s to say
It*s not?

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