Sunday, August 18, 2013

Empty chair

My beloved and daughter are doing nursery duty this morning.  We all attended the 9 AM service.  I wait for them.  I write sitting in the place my clients sit, consider the scenery from here.  I remember what I learned in school of the gestalt empty chair technique.  This morning I prefer to leave the chair empty, consider what my clients see.  God Himself is with us...they sing upstairs.  I leave the door and window open, watch the latecomers slide in... late.

I sit in the place
My clients sit.
One difference is
My chair is empty.
Still the window is open
To the outside;
The door is open
To the hallway.
I sit
Where my clients sit.
I see different things,
Hear the service begin
Above me.
God Himself is with us
The people sing.
I hear nursery noises
Down the hall,
Watch the latecomers slide in
Through the back door.
I sit
Where my clients sit
Every week.
I consider the view
From here.

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