Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Double space

I learned to type with two spaces after every period.  It wasn*t until this week that I learned the one space mode is preferred by those in the know.  Clearly I missed something, somewhere.  Two spaces seems, well, cleaner somehow.  Not so hard to miss when one sentence ends and another begins.  YMMV.

Why use a single space
When a double space
Will do?
I am all
For taking twice the space
No matter how old-fashioned
It is.
Paragraphs are more roomy
That way.
Speeches are better heard
With longer pauses
Especially if the sentences
Are short,
Especially if one does not
Lose one*s way
In a thicket
Of clauses.
Why ever use a single space
When a double one
Will do?
Dress the double space
In crinoline and bloomers.
Make it
More interesting.

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