Monday, August 12, 2013

This is what I have to offer

I could just as easily title this: Good Enough, or maybe No Pretense, or perhaps With Kindness.  There would be some merit in each of these, but they would not be true to the whole.  As a priest and counselor with umpteen years of training and life experience under the bridge or perhaps over the dam, I bring all of it, I draw on all of it.  How do I market myself when one brand name will not fit?  Perhaps this is a question for all of us.  Perhaps.

This is what I have to offer.
It will need
To be good enough.
Anything else
Would be pretense.
I do not thrive
On pretense.
Actually I believe
No one thrives
On pretense.
I offer you this:
Myself, plain and simple,
Simple and plain.
I will tell you what I see,
What I hear,
As much as I can.
I will offer what I know
What I see
What I hear
With kindness shot
Through and through,
Layers upon layers
Of kindness
And still no pretense
That mine is the defining word.
It will need to be
Good enough.
Is what I have to offer.

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