Sunday, August 11, 2013

I meant to call you

I like to learn new things, new perspectives, new translations.  This does not mean that I need to do everything myself.  My beloved tells me it is possible to live some things vicariously.  I remember that I used to be a Vicar in a small parish.  It sounded quaint and rather British.  Now I am without such a title.  I have added more letters after my name since then.  And now, six years out, I consider dropping letters. I am no longer a vicar, but I consider the possibility of living some things vicariously.

Workshop upon workshop,
Training upon training,
The letters string after my name.
I learn good things
From each.
I also learn
What I do not wish to do.
It is possible
He says
To live some things vicariously,
To learn things
From others
Without doing them
At lunch last week
A friend said
I meant to call you
When I heard you were involved
In one more training;
I should have called you
And said
Whatever are you doing?
Ah perhaps she should have called.
I may have listened.

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