Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Now this, this... is the reflection.  What follows is the poem.  I wrote the poem first.  The reflection came after. Of course it partly came before when I thought of writing the poem.  I feel a mite like Archy the cockroach hitting the keys of his typewriter.  But the aim here is not to get lost in metaphor.  It is to reflect on what I have written so anyone who reads this might perhaps understand.  Poetry and/or reflection are important.  Yes.  They do not take the place of the living around the writing.  I*m sure there will be more later.  

Labels are important,
Doncha know.
Is a poem.
The critic voice
In my head
Not a particularly good one
Really not worth
A comment.
I say:
Oh, what do you know?
Out, out, dark spot.
In the morning light
This morning*s light
(Specifics Are Important)
I realize the volumes of reflections
I have saved
In zippered cases
Of plastic covered pages              
Aren*t reflections at all.
They are poems.
Life is done
In reflection
On the poetry.
Or perhaps
The other way ‘round.
Is a poem.
Good or bad or in-between.
All that comes before or after
Is reflection.

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