Friday, August 2, 2013

I have my own list

What could I possibly do alone?  This is a question to ask an introvert?  I have my own list.  Trust me, I am not bored.  I miss my beloved, in Florida with his parents.  I miss my daughter, coming and going to the Concert of the Year all weekend.  I miss my son, living in Minnesota.  Yes.  Bored?  No.  I have my own list of possibilities.  I add things to it all the time.

They were worried
I wouldn*t have enough to do
While they were gone.
My family.
I love them.
They left me lists
Of things to do
So I would not
Be bored
While they were gone.
My family.
I love them.
I have my own list.
It comes to me
In the silence
Of the cat
Kneading his paws
On my lap;
The cardinal
Singing the day in
And out.
I will shop for new pajamas
At Target
This evening
When I am not
Cooking dinner.
I will browse IKEA tomorrow,
Find a side table to hold the tissues
In my office.
I will watch people
The whole time.
Even now I sit and hear the train whistles
Blow loud, then softer
Then they disappear
I have my own list.
I add things to it
As I do them.

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