Sunday, August 4, 2013

May I stand on Daddy*s feet

This is what appeared today when I was reflecting on the man who wanted to build bigger barns to store his treasure.  Soul, said he, Soul.  Let us build bigger barns.  Today is the wedding. The dance floor is already filled.  There is always room for more.  No matter if we know the steps or not.  Pay it no mind.  The floor is filled with dancers and twirlers.  Who will we ask to dance with us?

The wedding reception is today.
Who do I ask to dance with me
When the floor is filled
With dancers and twirlers?
Children stand
On Daddy*s feet,
Learn the steps.
Children perch
On Daddy*s shoulders
Like so many baby birds.
They learn the dance floor moves
From above.
Today is the wedding banquet.
How will I join in?
I made it to the ceremony
Who do I ask to dance
With me
When the music is so inescapably
How do I learn
The steps?
The floor is filled
With dancers and twirlers.
Who will I ask to dance?

1 comment:

  1. Who says you have to have a partner in order to dance? Let the Spirit/spirit move you!