Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gimlet eyes

Whatever works, I say.  For our pets it seems to take a hard penetrating stare.

The cat and turtle
Share gimlet eyes.
It seems
Is what it takes
To get through to us,
Each of us
In our own space.
The cat stands next to chair.
He yowls
Then stares.
He accompanies the stare
With a cat wink
When we look,
Then gimlet eyes
When we ignore him.
He scratches
At the bathroom door
And stares.
He waits for it to open
Then gimlet eyes
Which bore through the door.
The turtle wrestles his food plate
Against the glass
Of the turtle tank.
Then stares
With gimlet eyes
Until someone pays attention.
The noise seems
Never enough.
The boring penetrating stare
The gimlet eyes
Get us
Every time.

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