Monday, August 5, 2013


Truth be told, signs of God*s presence are everywhere.  Sometimes we pay attention.  Pastor Davis is pastor of the church which shared the church building where I was vicar.  He was also a toll booth attendant on 355.

In my past life
During four years
Of the forty minute commute
Each way
I regularly found signs.
They spoke to me
On the highway.
On local roads.
Some signs even
Had words:
Easy Street:
No Exit.
Sidewalk Ends
In a place it was clear
No pavement continued.
There was a sign
It read:
Pleasant Lane
Dead End.
To make the point
Pleasant Lane
Dead-ended off Route 53
On both sides.
When I took the toll road,
Before the automatic tolltakers
Were installed,
I dutifully tried to give my money
To Pastor Davis
Only to be waved through
With a blessing
Every time.

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